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Posted on: March 1, 2021

UV-C Disinfection Linear With Sensor

Philips UV-C linear with sensor power to disinfect

The UV-C linear with sensor is designed for the disinfection of surfaces and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The UV-C linear provides universal UV-C irradiance with homogenous distribution. Its disinfection capability is based on wattage used and a specific exposure time for a given distance from that surface. No persons or animals should be present at the time of usage, due to high risk of harm to eyes and skin. It comes with safeguard controls using sensor monitoring, which automatically shuts down the UV-C linear should a person or animal be detected within the range of the sensor. The performance is enhanced by a highly reflective and durable aluminum body, which improves its efficacy even further and directs the UV-C light to the to-be-irradiated surfaces and within the sensor range.


  • UV-C light effectively deactivates most viruses and germs on directly irradiated surfaces.(1) UV-C surface disinfection products, fitted with our UV-C light sources, can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces by more than 99% to below detectable levels.(2)
  • Environmentally friendly – no ozone emissions during or after use
  • Fitted with safeguards such as physically integrated sensors that automatically shut down the UV-C linear when a person or animal is sensed
  • Can be used in numerous applications
  • Timer Pre-Sets for 30 mins, 1hr, 2hr and 3hrs for setting as per application
  • (1) Fluence (UV Dose) Required to Achieve Incremental Log Inactivation of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Algae Revised, updated and expanded by Adel Haji Malayeri, Madjid Mohseni, Bill Cairns and James R. Bolton. With earlier contributions by Gabriel Chevrefils (2006) and Eric Caron (2006) With peer review by Benoit Barbeau, Harold Wright (1999) and Karl G. Linden.(2) In laboratory testing, Signify’s UV-C light sources reduced SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity on a surface to below detectable levels in as few as 9 seconds (Nadia Storm et al.,2020).


  • Specially Engineered mirror optics to cut off UV-C irradiance to risk group 0 beyond the sensor coverage area
  • The specially designed mirror optics improve efficacy
  • Philips T8 TUV lamp included: 36 W
  • Dip Switch available in sensor for time settings as per application
  • Shortwave UV radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C)
  • Various mounting options


  • Retail: Disinfect shopping carts, shelves and counters.
  • Hair and beauty salons: Disinfect client rooms, operating floor, mirrors, chairs surfaces, and other sensitive areas.
  • Schools: Disinfect classroom walls, floors, desks and surfaces
  • Offices: Disinfect work rooms, meeting spaces and corridors.
  • Banking: Disinfect counters, cash machines and work surfaces
  • Hospitality: Disinfect guest rooms, reception areas and other facilities.
  • Food outlets: Disinfect bacteria on preparation surfaces and equipment.
  • Washrooms: Disinfect vanity units, basins and mirrors.
  • Transportation: Disinfect passengers’ waiting spaces.

Warning & Safety

  • DANGER: Risk Group 3 UV product. Like any disinfection system, UV-C lamps and devices must be installed and used in the correct way. Direct exposure to UV-C can be dangerous and result in a sunburn-like reaction to the skin and serious damage to the cornea. As UV-C is invisible to the eye, the UV-C linear must be installed together with adequate safeguards to ensure that the UV-C linear can be operated in a safe way. The UV-C linears are only to be used as components in a system that consists of adequate safety safeguards such as, but not limited to, those indicated in the mounting instructions and/or user manuals.
  • Direct exposure to UV-C is dangerous. Philips UV-C products must only be sold through qualified partners and installed by professionals according to our stringent safety and legal requirements. Our UV-C products are not meant to be used in applications or activities which may cause and/or lead to death, personal injury and/or damage to the environment.

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