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Posted on: January 2, 2022

TownTune Central Post-Top DTD


BDP263 LED30-4S/740 DW50 CLO-DDF1 62P DR

Extending the home feel onto the street

As a luminaire family prepared for existing and scalable urban spaces, TownTune offers all the recent lighting innovations in terms of performance, quality of light and connectivity. The Philips TownTune family consists of three members: a central post top, an asymmetric spigot version and a version using an extending lyre post top bracket. Each of these three can be customized with a choice of different shapes for housing and an optional of decorative ring which comes in two colors. By having these options available you can create your very own lighting signature and give distinctive identity to districts and cities. The luminaire family is also equipped with the QR code-based Philips Service tag, which supports installation and maintenance work and enables you to create your digital library of lighting assets and spare parts. TownTune also makes use of the Philips Ledgine optimized lighting platform ensuring that you always have the right amount and direction of light on your street. Furthermore, thanks to being SR (System Ready), TownTune is also future-proof and is ready to be paired with both standalone and advanced control and lighting software applications such as Interact City.


  • It delivers visual comfort, and comfortable lighting experiences in urban spaces through its dedicatedly designed bowl
  • Simple, pure design making it possible to integrate it into various urban environments and the option for customization through a wide range of accessories, lets cities create a unique light signature, which can also become part of the urban furniture in daytime
  • It has a wide application coverage and offers great performance by using the latest Ledgine LED platform and providing access to a wide range of light distributions
  • Ready to be paired with lighting control and software applications, by being equipped with the Philips SR (System Ready) socket
  • Equipped with Service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information


  • Optimized Total Cost of Ownership and option of CLO (Constant Light Output)
  • Excellent quality of light enabled by the Philips Ledgine optimized platform, and further optimization in L-Tune is also possible
  • Choice of different shapes for housing (cone, dome), option of decorative ring and color (clear and golden)
  • Ready to be paired with standalone lighting controls such as LumiStep, DynaDimmer, and LineSwitch and advanced system and software application such as Interact City
  • Wide choice of lumen packages, ranging from 1,200 to 10,000 lumens
  • Choice of color temperature: 3000 K (warm white) or 4000 K (neutral white)
  • Long lifetime of 100,000 hours at minimum L85
  • Access to the gear via gear cover on top of the luminaire
  • Vandal-resistant (IK10), and high ingress protection (IP66)
  • Suitable for new and retrofit installations


  • Urban and residential areas
  • Cycle paths, footpaths and pedestrian crossings
  • City centers and squares
  • Car parks

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