Posted on: March 15, 2020


High Pressure Sodium lamp with clear tubular outer bulb, high output and long reliable lifetime


  • Superior technology results in a long and reliable lifetime, high lumen maintenance and a reliable ignition over lifetime
  • High luminous efficacy makes this the most energy efficient HPS lamp
  • High energy efficacy and absence of lead (Pb) makes this a sound environmental offer


  • Clear tubular outer bulb
  • Robust construction with few welding points is highly vibration- and shock-resistant, further reducing early failures and extending lamp life
  • Completely lead-free lamps
  • Ceramic discharge tube with Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for a long and reliable lifetime
  • ZrCo getter ensures high lumen maintenance and few early failures
  • “Plus” concept with high efficacy translated into high light output


  • Road and residential lighting
  • Industrial area lighting
  • Horticultural lighting
  • Decorative floodlighting, illumination
  • Recreational sports facilities Outdoor and Indoor

Warning & Safety

  • Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC60662, IEC 62035)
  • A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

Posted on: March 14, 2020

Philips HPL-N

Standard High Pressure Mercury lamp


  • Good budget alternative


  • Equipped with 1 or 2 auxiliary electrodes to ensure quick and reliable ignition
  • Internally coated ovoid outer bulb, providing a cool, bluish white light with reasonable colour qualities
  • Single-ended gas-filled glass bulb (HG-SG) with a quartz mercury vapour discharge tube


  • All outdoor applications, factories, transport sector and industrial area lighting

Warning & Safety

  • For use with control gear designed for high-pressure mercury lamps
  • A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.


Posted on: March 13, 2020

Philips MASTERColour CDM-R

Range of compact, high-efficiency, discharge reflector lamps with a stable colour over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light


  • High lamp efficacy results in low operating costs and low heat generation
  • Unique design increases flexibility in application and allows powerful accents from small, unobtrusive luminaires
  • Relatively low heat output enhances comfort for shoppers and staff
  • Long lamp life compared with incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Stable colour impression over lifetime
  • Simplified luminaire design because CDM-R lamps can be used in open luminaires
  • Integrated UV-Block shield reduces fading risks


  • Warm or cool white colour impression with good colour rendering
  • High beam intensities are achieved very easy and efficiently from these compact reflector lamps


  • Shops and shop windows, offices and public buildings
  • Decorative outdoor: floodlighting and pedestrian areas

Warning & Safety

  • Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC61167, IEC 62035)
  • Use only with electronic control gear. Colour 830 lamps may also use electromagnetic gear.

Posted on: March 12, 2020

Philips MHN-TD

Double-envelope, single- or double-ended Metal halide lamps


  • All types are UV-Block for reduced health and fading risks


  • Quartz discharge tube containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of dysprosium, holmium and thulium halides (MHN-TD) or tin iodide (MHW-TD), with sodium and thallium added for colour correction and arc stabilization
  • Double-ended lamps housed in a tubular clear UV-Block quartz evacuated outer envelope
  • Restricted burning position


  • Indoors – accent lighting, general lighting in downlighters, e.g. in shops and malls
  • Outdoors – floodlighting monuments, facades and billboards
  • Downlighters, uplighters and wall-washers, e.g. in shops and malls

Warning & Safety

  • Use only in totally enclosed luminaire, even during testing (IEC61167, IEC 62035, IEC60598)
  • Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC61167, IEC 62035)
  • The luminaire must be able to contain hot lamp parts if the lamp ruptures
  • A lamp breaking is extremely unlikely to have any impact on your health. If a lamp breaks, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Put them in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local waste facilities for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

Posted on: March 3, 2020

Philips UniStrip G4

UniStrip G4 – Best-in-Class Linear LED Surface Mounted Luminaire for Exterior Fixed and Dynamic Architectural Lighting Applications

UniStrip G4 is a surface-mounted, exterior-rated LED luminaire that is designed for façade and outdoor architectural lighting applications.One family that fits all your needs, wall washing, grazing and also linear flood lighting.The robust mechanical and unique optical designs make it ideal for illuminating buildings facades bridges, overpasses and any application that requires a linear lighting solution.Available in white, monochromatic colours, RGB, RGBW and tunable white and DMX control option available with up to 8 pixels (8IDs) to give architects and designers the freedom to explore a wide range of concepts and design with no limitations.


  • High and Low Power LED versions available
  • Adjustable brackets and through wiring for end-to-end connection
  • Various spread lenses that fit all applications


  • Six sub-families with power ranges from 3 W to 120 W
  • Narrow, medium, wide and asymmetric beams available
  • DC and AC powered versions
  • Optional glare shields for more visual comfort


  • Bridges, Monuments, Facades
  • Parks and plazas
  • Landscaping
Posted on: March 2, 2020

Philips Tango G2 LED

Best Area Lighting Luminaire within Your Budget

Tango G2 LED is a general purpose LED flood lighting luminiare for various lighting applications, such as area lighting, bill-board, façade, industry area, recreational sports and other general applications. The Tango G2 LED flood light incorporates LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact housing. Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality to ensure reliability and long lifetime. Tango G2 LED takes advantage of LED technology which provides energy savings and a longer lifetime, bringing area lighting into a new era.


  • Energy saving: more than 50% of energy saving when compared to conventional floodlight
  • Free from lamp replacement
  • Low maintenance cost: IP65 housing ensures low maintenance with no need for internal cleaning, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership


  • Optical beam choice of symmetric and asymmetric fulfils majority needs of lighting application
  • Universal “U” shape mounting bracket
  • Painted non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket


  • Area lighting
  • Façade
  • Industry area


Posted on: March 1, 2020

Essential SmartBright Spotlight

Reliable and vivid, easy to light

The Essential SmartBright Spotlight is an ideal solution for outdoor landscapes, parks, houses, parterres, wooded areas and heritage building lighting. It not only provides amazing and vivid light with compact and robust diecast aluminium housing and spiker but is also easy to install with one-step quick spike installation. Tempered glass enhances the durability of the fixture and accurate lens design ensures the light effects.


  • Easier installation
  • Vivid lighting
  • Robust housing


  • IP65 / IK06
  • 15,000 hrs lifetime
  • CB and EMC compliant
  • Mono green light option
  • CRI80
  • 168 hrs salt spray test
  • Beam angle options


  • Landscape, architectural lighting
  • Parking, parterres, trees, boscage
  • Security
  • Plazas, squares
  • Amenity


Posted on: February 23, 2020

Philips Double Ended Linear

High-quality white light with superior lumen performanceHalogen Double Ended lamps provide bright,white light for work lights and security lighting. Rugged construction for busy work sites. Offered in several lengths to meet most application needs.High lumen output provides light where you need it.

• Provides high lumen output.
• Available in several lengths to meet specific applications.

• Bright, white light.
• Available in wide range of wattages.
• Recessed Single Contact (RSC).
• Available in 100,150, 250, 300, and 500 watts.

• Ideal for work lights, torchieres, sconces, outdoor security fixtures.

Posted on: February 20, 2020

Philips ALR 37/56 mm

Delivers high lumen output and excellent color rendering for precise accent and display lightingPhilips Halogen Aluminum Reflector Lamps provide continuous color and high luminous intensity for precise accent and display lighting. These lamps offer a rated average life ranging from 2000 hours and feature excellent beam qualities for accent or ambient lighting.

• No harsh streaks or hotspots, directs all heat out of fixture, eliminates stray light, superior beam control.
• Reduces fading and protects reflector for continuous color.
• Securely mounts in fixture, won’t freeze in socket and allows less obtrusive luminaire design.

• Aluminum Reflector.
• Front Cover Glass.
• Crrosion-Resistant Bayonet Base.
• Lightweight Compact-Light Source.
• Available in: ALR 37: 20 watt; ALR 56: 50 watt.

• Ideal for display lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and wall washing.

Posted on: January 19, 2020

Philips Cabinet Controls

LFC7510 AmpLight Current

Controller platform to address remote group light management for diverse outdoor lighting applications. Cost effective Telmanagement, with remote control of outdoor lighting on highways, roads, streets and in residential areas. Saves energy by enabling a group of light points to be switched on or off at any given time or set to pre-determined dimming level. Makes outdoor lighting installations intelligent and dynamic, minimizing light pollution and increasing safety


  • Motorways, roads
  • Residential areas
  • Street lighting in general


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